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17th Aug 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

PLL Dolls

okay so im looking online At the episode of PLL ”Over my deAd body” for pictures of AriA in the pink dress (that I have the exAct one btw got it for my 22nd birthdAy!)

And we All remember it correct?

okAy well

I’m seeing those quite scAry dolls (well im scAred of dolls Anyway so their very scary)

okAy so I couldn’t remember which dolls were like the LiArs

so only AriA,HAnnA And Emily got A doll not Spencer

so what Am I thinking here?!?

oh yes some new PLL/A/A teAm theories And thoughts

lets stArt this pArty! of me tAlking About it hAhhAhhAhA!

okAy so heres my thoughts towArds this::

  • Why would only AriA,HAnnA And Emily get dolls?
  • Is it becAuse Spencer might hAve ties to Ali’s life/deAth or A or the A teAm?
  • Well yes imAgine thAt stAtement for A second::
  • We find out lAter thAt Spencer is hAlf Sisters with Ali,And JAson.
  • OkAy meAning just An ideA here: whAt if Spencer hAs A meAn/crAzy/evil side?
  • WhAt if Spencer is the betrAyer?
  • WhAt if Spencer is working with the A teAm?
  • WhAt if Spencer is pArt of the A teAm?
  • WhAt if Spencer is crAzy like her fAmily (oh I went there).

CAuse need we forget the ”unmAsked” episode?


MonA tAkes ……Spencer to A's lAir And Asks her to be pArt of the A teAm

so do we reAlly know if she turned it down or not?

so you see thAt MonA doesn’t tAke Anyone else mAybe its becAuse A/A teAm knows thAt Spencer is the smArtest or the most ideAl person to Ask to be in the A teAm? I’m thinking these thoughts towArds thAt episode::

  • MonA is obviously pArt of the A teAm.
  • She Asked Spencer to be pArt of it.
  • MAybe it wAs becAuse someone in the A teAm,likes her or is close to her meAning fAmily,friend,lover whAtever.
  • Why would they only Ask her And no one else?

my thoughts/guesses

I think Anyone of these people could be on the A teAm or even A who Are close to Spencer

1.MelissA 2.Toby 3.Ali 4.Wren 5.JAson 6.The LiArs 7.Her PArents

I’ll hAve to think more About this,but I think I hAve reAlly good theories And ideAs

DeAr A teAm,

I know who you Are!


06th Aug 2012

Monday // 12pm // 2 years ago

OkAy so I’ve been reAding on here About PLL theories,thoughts,ideAs

And yet here we go with my ideas About it.

Me and My Mom have thought A or the A teAm is one of the pArents or girls since like idk seAson one!

And now seeing About AriA being A is mAking Me believe thAt yes she could be pArt of it or that they don’t bother her And heres why

  • Alison probAbly stArted the A teAm.
  • JAson is in the N.A.T. club meAning he might hAve something to do with the A teAm.
  • JAson obviously liked/likes AriA so meAning if he’s pArt of it she might be sAfe.
  • AriA And Alison were friends and so maybe Alison liked her more than Anyone else.
  • MonA is obviously pArt of the A teAm but doesn’t like AriA.
  • JAson might be pArt of the A teAm Also Spencer like brother,meAning if JAson is pArt of the A teAm And so is MelissA thAt meAns mAybe MelissA killed Alison,but AriA might be in the A teAm too,and JAson likes her still,meAning they might All protect eAch other or not like Alison hence why she might be deAd,but the A teAm bothered Alison meAning it could hAve been MelissA or Anyone.
  • Spencer or JAson or MelissA might All be in the A teAm As A fAmily And they might protect AriA for many reAsons meAning that All the bAd things they might just sAy hAppen but their ActuAlly the ones doing it.
  • AriA might be helping JAson in the A teAm or AriA might be helping MelissA or even Spencer their All smArt they might be doing All these things And Acting like A is ruining their lives but it might be like A inside joke between them!
  • Also MelissA might hAve killed Alison becAuse she hAted her,And thAt Spencer And JAson might hAve protected her mAking it look like someone else did it.
  • MAybe Alison is reAlly Alive And the whole thing wAs fAked And the A teAm is protecting thAt secret,And so Anyone who is in the A teAm or people who Are close to the A teAm or A Are sAfe for life.
  • One of the pArents like idk SPENCER’S! OR ALISON’S! could be pArt of the A teAm And bothering the people or helping them so no one finds out.
  • It could be Spencer’s pArents or HAnnA's Mom their good At keeping secrets hA.
  • EzrA might be pArt of the A teAm Also And protecting AriA.

DeAr A TeAm,

I know you’re secrets I know who you Are show yourselve.


13th Oct 2011

Thursday // 4pm // 3 years ago

just watched jersey shore from last week my thoughts:

1.Mike is a crap starter.

2.Snooki and her bf MAKE UP YOU’RE MINDS PEOPLE!!!!! dating not dating dating not dating dating not dating every single day!

3.Jwoww thank you for telling Snooki that you MIGHT say what happened.

4.Mike is a crap starter.

5.Sam and Ron didnt fight in this episode whoa!

6.Snooki and the bottle of wine thats bigger than her hahahaha.

7.I really think everyone needs to be honest and say everything on their minds (might make it better just saying)

8.Snooki’s bf im really starting to be more and more confused and angry at.

9.Sammi and Mike really!

10.Mike’s fake plan idea of the fake call (i was hysterical laughing) because hes a a-hole but that was smart but a dumb idea.