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30th Oct 2012

Tuesday // 1pm // 1 year ago

PLL-“This Is a Dark Ride” episode

This is the Halloween PLL episode and it was…………….scary!

The episode starts with Mona singing (uh oh) and making something well she was making a paper mache head that you see when she was finished she puts in her bed,and in the background of her room A is sitting there and shes talking about how much she loves Halloween then she hands A 4 bullets and 3 pills then later she leaves the hospital with the head or doll in her bed.

Then you see the Liars getting ready for the Halloween train party ride then Garrett suprises Spencer at her house and right when Garrett is about to talk to Spencer Toby just randomly shows up (as creepy as ever) then Toby tells Garrett to leave then at the party Aria and Hanna are dateless because Ezra and Caleb couldn’t make it to the party (keep this in mind threw my post because ill explain later) Ezra had a book thing to do……….right.

So Hanna,Aria,Spencer,Toby all arrive to the party and basically get in a fight with Noel and Jenna then Emily and Paige arrive and see that Jason came to the party too and everyone boards the train when everyone watches a performance from Adam Lambert during the time of him singing someone is harassing Hanna and she gets mad because their wearing a mask then its revealed to be Caleb.

The Liars then split up at the party and Aria is sitting alone bored because Ezra couldn’t make it so Adam Lambert talks to her and couldn’t hear her when she said her name so she wrote it on the window (another creepy thing ill explain).Then some person dressed in a jokers costume slips something in her drink then Emily and Paige have a romantic moment while someone is listening in when they talk then Spencer talks to Jason before he goes and talks to Lucas.

Then we go to Hanna’s house where her mom Ashley and the Pastor and dressed up handing out candy like in the door way of her house then Ashley goes to the kitchen to see a little girl standing there who asks if she could call her mom so Ashley gives her the phone and talks to her then leaves the kitchen then later on goes back to the kitchen to see that the little girl is gone,So Ashley goes upstairs to Hanna’s room and finds the little girl sitting on Hanna’s bed the girl says that her sister always lies to their mom to hurt her.Then Ashley touches her hand and shes cold as ice so she gives her a blanket and the little girl wraps in it and then Ashley leaves to go get Ted (The Pastor) and she goes back and the little girl is gone and blanket is folded making Ashley believe she was a ghost…….So sad I felt so bad for the little girl :(

Then we go back to the train while Spencer is wandering the train alone and she hears Mona singing….uh oh and someone attacks her in a baby mask….A    then drags her like outside on the crossing rail then the masked person reveals to be Garrett He tells Spencer about the night Alison was last seen alive…….uh creepy! so it goes back to that night where you see Garret and Jenna leave Ian and Melissa in Alison’s bedroom then when Garrett and Jenna are leaving they run into Alison in the backyard Alison starts fighting with Jenna talking about her coming back to Rosewood then resulting in Garrett swinging a hockey stick at Alison but she ducks Garrett pretend shes dead to trick Jenna then later Garrett goes back to Alison’s house to find that Alison is talking to Byron (Aria’s dad) Alison tells Byron ”he knows what shes capable of” and Garrett is surprised by this.

Then Spencer tells him that he needs to Aria this and to wait here till she finds her,then in the train Spencer talks to Hanna and they find Aria’s handbag left on the seat with also her named gone then a letter A …………uh uh oh oh!  then its reveled that Aria bounded and locked and drugged inside a storage crate somewhere in the train,then Spencer is attacked by the same masked person who attacked Aria then is saved by Paige,then Hanna has a run in with a masked person thinking it was Caleb but then sees Caleb from across the room and she trys to figure out who the imposter is.

Then Spencer,Hanna,Emily,Caleb,Toby,and Paige all go search for Aria then it goes to the storage car where Aria is trying to escape from the box and looks over and Garrett’s dead body is next to her and she screams and you see that someone….A is trying to push the box over board off the train then the Liars in perfect timing get there before they push her off.Then later the police stop the train to investigate then Ezra RANDOMLY shows up because he ”heard” what happened…….from who……..A……..Mr.Ezra A Team Fitz????    (dont even get me started on this theory). Apparently he drove on the train tracks and found out (because theres not more than one train)  ……………………Then Noel tells the Liars not to keep on dragging him and Jenna in the messes they cause and that angers Toby and he pushes Noel into this cooler pop thing and when it fell it was spilled all over and reveals theres a body bag in it then Jason stares at it.

Then Mona goes back to Radley and goes back to bed and on the floor is the mask that impostered Caleb laying on the floor.

In the final scene of the episode theres a flashback of the night Alison ”died” and where in she was ”buried” and a hand comes up from the ground.

My Thoughts:

1.I know who the A Team is.

2.Ezra is a liar……really a book meeting….then showing up then hearing …..yeah right hes part of the team.

3.I felt so sorry and bad for the little ghost girl.

4.Garrett and Jason just randomly show up at random times hmmmmmmm.

5.Mona is crazy.

6.Caleb is hott.

7.Toby is a creeper.

8.Aria in that box sooooooooooooooooo scary.

9.Spencer needs to break up with Toby.

10.I know everything-E

<3 :)

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12 part 4

goodness 4th!

Red CoAt! okAy so I reAd just this week online About how A third A or A TeAm member is AlwAys weAring A red coAt


So whAt?

Well I AlreAdy know who it is becAuse (I’m pArt of the A TeAm-E) And thAt it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


like reAlly if it’s Another person then the one I think And then the ones people online think….I’ll be shocked.

Heres the people who I And the internet believe could be the next member of the A TeAm::

1.MonA:: (she’s AlreAdy pArt of it AnywAy)

2.AriA:: (hmmmm)

3.ViviAn DArkbloom:: (hmmmm)

4.Alison:: (my pick becAuse yeAh)

5.JennA:: (hmmmm)

And here’s when they All wore the red coAts::

MonA:: SeAson 1 Episode 21: Monsters in the End

AriA:: SeAson 2 Episode 22: FAther Knows Best

ViviAn:: SeAson 2 Episode 25: unmAsked (SeAson FinAle)

Alison:: SeAson 3 Episode 1: It HAppened ThAt Night

JennA:: SeAson 3 Episode 2: Blood Is The New BlAck

hmmmmmmmm interesting.

I know whos All pArt of the A teAm becAuse I Am too-E

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12 part 3

3rd! of thE dAy! woot!

OkAy so one of my fAvoritE PLL/A/A TEAm things ivE sEEn lAtEly And EvEr is this::






So its prEtty AwesomE I kEEp it in mind now bEcAusE wE know 2 of thE lEttErs And Also Ill bE posting hErE my thoughts too :)

HErEs whAt wE AlrEAdy know::







hErEs my thEoriEs:: for lEttErs A,E,A






PEoplE with nAmEs thAt stArt with:A: Alison,AriA,AshlEy (HAnnA's mom),AnnE SullivAn (doctor).

PeoplE with nAmEs thAt stArt with:E: Emily,EllA MontgomEry,EzrA,ElAinA

So thosE ArE my thEoriEs who it might bE :)

I know All thE mEmEbErs bEcAusE I’m pArt of it too-E

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 11am // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12 part 2

2nd in one dAy (I AlreAdy know ill write more todAy)

Spencer could be pArt of the A teAm becAuse shes dAting Toby and monA AlreAdy Asked her to be pArt of it!!!!

OkAy or she might join it becAuse…..

1.Toby is pArt of it.

2.Shes AlreAdy been Asked to join.

3.Shes got connections to it.

4.Shes got connections to everyone close to the A teAm:: being sisters to JAson And Ali then dAting Toby And being friends with the LiArs.

Spencer I know And you know you’re pArt of it-E

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 10am // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12

Well 3rd one this week (I’m doing A lot of PLL thinking lAtely)

So while looking online todAy I reAd things About how AriA cAn be pArt of the A teAm

which mAde Me think (well finAlly someone else guessed this too!) And some of the things I reAd I wouldn’t hAve even thought myself.

So heres some of the things I reAd online mAking Me think thAt she cAn be pArt of the teAm::

1.AriA knows how to keep A secret:: Her fAther’s AffAir,Her dAting EzrA,etc

2.Shes never reAlly been hurt by A like the other girls hAve.

3.She does the ssshh in the stArt of eAch episode and pictures.

4.No one reAlly thAn MonA doesn’t like her And thAt could meAn thAt if AriA is in fAct pArt of the A teAm mAybe AriA is like her boss And thAt’s why she doesn’t like her.

5.AriA might know whos on the A teAm when no one else does thAt’s why mAybe she less hurt by them or shes protected by them.

6.MAybe she knows everything And is pArt of it or not And is hiding it from everyone else.

7.MAybe shes pArt of it And hAs someone telling her whAt to do.

8.MAybe shes friends/fAmily with someone on the teAm.

9.MAybe shes A And controls everything but just hAs workers.

10.YeAh shes A or on the A teAm.

I know whos on the A TeAm becAuse I’m pArt of it too-E

12th Sep 2012

Wednesday // 2pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/12/12

Well 2nd one in two days (I’m on a roll now hAhAhhAA)

Okay so this A Theories is mAking Me just really wonder About MonA,A,A TeAm And The LiArs

Lets go bAck to memory lAne of :: SeAson 3 Episode 7:: ”CrAzy”

When AriA visits MonA And bAsicAlly they don’t like each other And when the nurse leAves MonA sAys you hAve such such seconds to tell Me why you’re reAlly here (becAuse HAnnA wAs not Allowed to go see MonA At the time) so AriA Asks her questions then the nurse tAkes MonA AwAy And AriA leAves And HAnnA is outside of the hospitAl And sees AriA And they sneAk into the hospitAl And go into MonA's room to Ask questions then when HAnnA And AriA stArt tAlking MonA leAves becAuse the door wAsn’t shut And then AriA And HAnnA leAve her room And go look for her then they find thAt the Children’s AreA door is open And then they find her in A room tAlking to dolls And brushing their hAir And they come in And MonA keeps on sAying these sentences And then lAter in the episode the girls Are All together And HAnnA explAins thAt MonA wAs tAlking in ”code” thAt she mAde up thAt you sAy A sentence but tAke the first letters of eAch word And you get Another sentence or word

so MonA sAid these::

1.”Miss AriA You’re A Killer, Not EzrA's Wife” = MAYA KNEW.

2.”Where Were We? MAyA's AwAy Sleeping Sweet, Until GArrett’s All Rosy, Count on Me” = WWW.MASSUGAR.COM.

3.”No One To SAve Ali From Evil” = NOT SAFE.

4.”I Missed My Dolls” = IMMD … I’M MD?


I’m still kindA confused About these And I’m sure I’m not the only one

so thAt meAns!

I’m going to write About my theories of eAch of these :)


1.”Miss AriA You’re A Killer, Not EzrA's Wife” = MAYA KNEW.

Obviously this one is About AriA but whAt does this meAn???

My thoughts Are:: thAt possibly AriA is A killer or knows someone who hAs killed before or is pArt of the A teAm And helps out with the things they do.

Not EzrA's wife……hmmmm would this meAn their getting mArried…..probAbly not would this meAn thAt he knows the reAl AriA unlike most people And they hAve Another secret life together?

MAyA Knew???? whAt did MAyA know something About AriA or EzrA……..meAning they both either one could be on the A teAm???


2.”Where Were We? MAyA's AwAy Sleeping Sweet, Until GArrett’s All Rosy, Count on Me” = WWW.MASSUGAR.COM.

First thought:: I wonder if this is A reAl website.

Were Were We? MAyA's AwAy Sleeping Sweet::  OkAy I’m thinking this they were All together when MAyA ”went to sleep” meAning when she died the LiArs And MonA were All At the dAnce And then MonA took Spencer to A's lAir and if Toby is on the A teAm either MonA or him could hAve killed MAyA (becAuse NAte wAsn’t Around At the time) (yeAh I just proved thAt for All PLL fAns you’re welcome) So After the dAnce they find Spencer then go home to find out MAyA's deAd sooo does this meAn one of the LiArs knows everything About thAt night……I believe so! Possibly they All everyone blAmed GArrett but truth be known it could hAve reAlly been NAte or MonA or Toby.


3.”No One To SAve Ali From Evil” = NOT SAFE.

I’m not reAlly sure whAt this one meAns I’m guessing thAt mAybe is Alive And no one cAn sAve her from her evil?

but whos not sAfe??? possibly everyone…..probAbly


4.”I Missed My Dolls” = IMMD … I’M MD?

Like AgAin this could reAlte to the books or A's dolls from the lAir.


I k e b i o t A t=”I know everything becAuse im on the A teAm”-Me

11th Sep 2012

Tuesday // 11am // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/11/12

OkAy! Well I wAs sitting in my room freezing And thinking And becAuse I wAs freezing I put on A hoodie A blAck hoodie becAuse who knows I might be on the A teAm :)

And so I thought About some PLL things And sAw some online of different theories And thoughts And then within A few seconds I hAd 2 or 3 different ones And here they Are :)

I’m not sure if its even pArt of pll too or not but on this nickelodeon show ”ned’s declAssified”

the girl who plays PAige on pll wAs on there (becAuse i loved the show i remember)

And the girl who plAys AriA wAs on there too

And I guess on pll its like the sAme thAt PAige And AriA went to school together

now whAt I’m thinking like most people thAt AriA might be pArt of the A teAm or A

And thAt PAige And her plAnned this out And NAte ”MAyA's cousin” just fAked it All then being A stAlker

Also AriA knows everything just like Ali did

so i think AriA is pArt of it becAuse shes only gotten A issues A few times unlike obviously the other girls i Also only think Toby is on the A teAm to either defend or hurt Spencer

so this meAns if so i guess the fAll seAson someone finds out thAt Toby is pArt of the A teAm And the only way to not tell is to join………they Also sAid it might not be Spencer so






'Two can keep a secret if one is on the A team”-Me

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31st Aug 2012

Friday // 1pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-8/31/12

Well well,

On TuesdAy it wAs the summer finAle of PLL

nAmed ”The LAdy Killer” or As most of us know it As the betAyAl or As I think of it As the betrAyer.

Things got intersting mAking Me hAve new thoughts About the show We find out thAt Toby is pArt of the A teAm but still I’m still wondering About it

My Thoughts::

1.In the end of the episode you see MonA wAlking bAck into RAdley with someone And she sAys to thAt person::

”she would hAve stAyed in RAdley if she knew NAte wAs going to get GArrett out of jAil.”

And so When I reAd this todAy I thought well wAit A second!

WhAt if NAte/Lyndon didn’t reAlly kill MAyA but it wAs one of the A teAm insteAd who killed her, And mAybe NAte wAs pArt of the A teAm too or A helper or just crAzy or reAlly A stAlker.

And AppArently from the internet:: MAyA's killer is the sAme person As Ali’s killer.

so im wondering About this.

2.Then online I sAw this it wAs letters spelling out ”A teAm” with peoples nAmes






So this bAsicAlly meAns becAuse im reAlizing now the more thAn one hoodies thAt theres 5 members of the A teAm And this is explAins it And I guess thAt

1st A: (might be Alison)


2nd A: AriA,Ashley (HAnnA's mom)

these Are my guesses.

Well now the wAit for Almost 2 months till the HAlloween speciAl woot!

I’ve known All Along who everyone was-E

31st Aug 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

PLL-”The Lady Killer” episode

PLL-”The Lady Killer” episode

the betrAyal or the betrAyer

oh and its a good episode for the summer finale :)

The episode started with the girls outside and seeing 2 bodies coming out and be put into firetrucks and hospital trucks,and you see Hanna sobbing,Aria and Spencer worried hugging her,and you see Emily being questioned then you see Paige being questioned.The police asked Emily if she knew the deceased person and Emily doesn’t answer.

Days before this happened Aria,Hanna and Spencer discuss how to tell Emily that Paige has Alison’s body and that she might be A,then Hanna says but if she drugged Emily why would she drug herself too,and Spencer said because its a perfect albi to cover up Paige drugging Emily that night,they lure Emily to Hanna’s house hoping they could apologize to her for acting about Paige.Then Emily gets to the house and the other girls hit her with the truth saying that they found the earring from Ali’s grave in Paige’s purse and that A has planted the things back where they were.Then Emily gets mad and leaves.Then she says when shes leaving 3 to one A wins meaning that A or Paige wants Emily all to themselves and that Emily wants to be separated from them.

Then Garret’s trial is underway and then you see Mona dressed as a nurse flashes her id to a receptionist at Radley Hospital then she walks out of the place holding keys.

Then at school Aria is talking to Hanna and slips up telling her that Ezra got a girl pregnant in high school and the woman’s name is Maggie and her son but she hasn’t told Ezra yet then Hanna says something that Ali use to say that secrets keep them together but she was wrong.Then later on at school Spencer is at her locker and so is Paige right close to each other then Spencer says to her if you have something to say then say it (this is very like the woods part in Twilight hahaha) then Paige says she wont let the girls take Emily away from her and then Spencer says if she hurts Emily she will have to deal with her then Spencer says I know who you are and slams her locker door.

Then Paige is at Emily’s house then Emily says to her that they don’t know who she is then Emily tells her that her and the girls have been being tortured by a new A.Then Paige is like offended that the girls think shes the new A then she gets a new text saying::telling her to go to Rosewood cemetery at 10 pm or Emily gets hurt.

Then at school again Aria,Spencer and Hanna decide to tell their parents that Paige is A then they all get a text saying:: ”Stand down b***ches play it my way and Emily stays safe”.Then they get a A text/message saying for them to meet at Ali’s grave at 10 pm with Maya’s bag without Emily too,then they get pictures from ”that night” of them at Ali’s grave with a shovel they think its just Paige trying to make them look bad and keep Emily in the clear and that bringing Maya’s bag to Ali’s grave so that Paige can erase any proof that she killed Maya.

Then Caleb comes and visits Hanna that day and Hanna tells him about A’s text then he tells her he’s coming with the girls then his gun is laying on her bed and she sees it and Hanna says to him leave it behind and do not bring it then he puts it in one of her drawers and says it will stay there and by Monday will be gone.

Then Emily tells her mom shes going out of town with Nate and his family for the weekend and shes packing a bag to avoid all the reporters about Garrett’s trial she says their going too Lighthouse Rock in Belmar and her mom says she thinks she should stay with her family then Emily says but ill be with Maya’s family then says Nate and Maya’s parents will be there Spencer and Hanna are okay with her going out of town thinking it will be a good thing for her.

Then you see Spencer looking at a poster for the Halloween Ghost Train Party,then in the reflection of the glass she sees Toby and runs towards him so happy he’s back in town they share a kiss then go home and have sex then later on Toby says he has to leave town again for his ”job” then they say their i love you’s.

Then we see Mona in like a bathroom or room in a black hoodie and black gloves and she gets a phone call and says im here,and I understand then she goes up to A’s lair and walks up to another person in a black hoodie sitting in a chair possibly another A member or A and says thers bee a change of plans.

Then we see Aria at Ezra’s apartment she seems nervous or something wondering how to tell Ezra about her seeing Maggie and how to tell them about their child when the door bell rings and its Maggie and Aria asks why is she her and what does she want and she told her that she wanted to see if Ezra was doing well and wasn’t planning to tell about Malcolm (their child) and then you see Aria watching Ezra and Maggie laugh and have a good time and Aria looks upset or jealous.

Then you see Caleb get the gun out of the drawer and him and the 3 girls go to Ali’s grave at 10 pm so then Caleb goes out in woods hiding with Maya’s bag thinking if he has it that A or the A team will just take it from the girls and not to just get the bag and run with it then Caleb puts a voice recorder on Hanna’s phone to like talk to each other while hes hiding then A/A team doesn’t show up so Caleb gets the idea to them to go to Lighthouse Rock one in Bayhead and Belmar and Caleb drives alone and the girls drive in another car and he told them to go to Bayhead while he goes to Belmar.

Then at the Lighthouse Rock inn where Nate took Emily,she is sleeping then gets a phone call saying ”You have one minute to get out” from A she then looks around for Nate and he then comes and He says his parents will be here in a few hours and hes putting wood into the fireplace when Emily notices yellow paint on his shoe and remembers it was from pictures Maya sent to her from True North and its a picture of Maya sitting on a table? with the shoe in the bottom of the picture,and realizes that Nate was the guy who Maya dated at True North and who was her stalker.

Then Emily says she needs to go outside for fresh air and he tries to stop her he then gives her her jacket then Emily heads into the woods to call the girls and is stopped by Nate she says that he scared her,he says ”not really but I will”,then they go back into the inn and he makes her watch a video of Maya telling Emily that she was staying at Noel Kahn’s cabin because her True North stalker has came to Rosewood then Maya says their relationship will be rekindled and behind her Nate is stabbing a table with a knife.Then the video is ending and he tells her that he’s always loved Maya and that he wasn’t her real cousin he is actually and he says he is actually-Lyndon James he then says that he found Emily at the coffee shop hearing Emily talk about Maya he didn’t know what to do like her or hate her then when they kissed he thought he loved her like he loved Maya but knew Maya loved Emily too and that Emily played him like Maya did,and then said since she took Maya away from him he’s going to take someone away from her……

Then he opens the closet and Paige is sitting on the ground with tape on her mouth and hands and feet tied up,with the knife in his hand,Emily snatches her phone when he’s about to kill Paige,then he gets distracted when he hears foots steps outside of Hanna,Aria and Spencer then Emily takes the opportunity to run outside through the back of the inn,then Lyndon follows her all the way into the lighthouse and Emily tries calling 911 inside the top of the lighthouse but can’t talk on the phone because he starts fighting her when he’s still holding the knife in hand and then in the struggle she stabs him in the stomach and he falls to the floor,then Caleb shows up in the lighthouse and leaves the gun on a shelf right near Nate/Lyndon and while he’s comforting and hugging Emily then a few seconds late you hear a gun shot.

Then later you see back to the begging of the show the girls watching Hanna crying and seeing a ambulance and firetrucks and you see a dead body…..Nate/Lyndon then you see a body on a strecher with hospital ambulance people bring out a person who was shot…..Caleb and then you see Paige being questioned and saying I saw him and then he brought me here,then you see Emily being question the police asking if she knew the deceased and was he her friend and she doesn’t answer but asks to see her friends and she runs and hugs Hanna and the other girls.

Then later in the hospital,the girls are waiting to hear news about Caleb and if he will be okay he’s in surgery and isn’t dead (thank the good Lord!) then the girls see Veronica Hastings (Spencer’s mom) walk in with Garrett and she says shes sorry what Emily had to go threw,then says Garrett is a free man,and then when she leaves the girls get a five-way call from A? in a disorted voice and says:: Emily I owe you one.Then Emily looks up and Garrett smiles at her.

(And now the end of the episode:: Take deep breathes,get a paper bag,stop shaking,stop crying……get it together E you knew the whole time anyway-A)

You hear Mona in a disappointed voice back to Nurses outfit is walking back to Radley with someone in a black hoodie by her side of the A team,she then says she would have stayed at Radley if she knew Nate would have gotten Garrett out of jail,and says that to the A team member then she says to the A team member you need to get Maya’s phone from Paige and that would be easy because Paige doesn’t even know she has it.

Then Mona is disappointed again sounding and says “It sucks that we didn’t get to make that phone call. Ring ring? ‘What’s Paige doing with Maya’s cell phone? OMG, she must be the killer.’ “Oh, well. Even the best laid plans go awry.”

then she says to the member before walking into the hospital,”I’ll see you soon”

then member turns around

(i’m sorry im hyperventilating,crying and shaking right now again)

and it is reveled to be




then he runs down the street out of sight of everyone.

My Thoughts::

1.We finally figured out why Hanna was crying (though I thought it was because of Caleb for about a month).

2.We figured out why Emily has blood on her hands and was being questioned.

3.We figured out why Paige was being questioned.

4.We figured it out that Aria or Maggie will never tell Ezra about Malcolm….ever.

5.We figured out that Caleb will protect anyone he loves or cares about.

6.Figured it out that Spencer and Toby were very very dtf (im sorry).

7.Figured out that Caleb probably shouldn’t take or hide things from Hanna good or bad.

8.Figured out that Spencer is pretty BA.

9.Figured out everything circles around everyone at the coffee shop.

10.We figure out that Emily probably should have stayed home.

11.We figured out (and I thought this since he came to Rosewood) that Nate/Lyndon wasn’t Maya’s cousin and his real name is Lyndon James.

12.We figured out that A and the A team probably weren’t even going to go to Ali’s grave at 10 pm.

13.We figure out Nate was crazy.

14.We figure out that in time of need phones don’t work.

15.We figure out Caleb comes to the rescue alot.

16.We figure out Lighthouses are pretty to look at but can be scary to be in.

17.We figure out that Mona can get out of anything even a mental hospital.

18.We figure out that Mona is probably A and the A team are her workers.

19.We figure out not to trust anyone.

20.We figure out that Mona always wants to make the phone calls.

21.We figure out black hoodies are cool but creepy.

22.We figure out its possible to sneak in and out of mental hospitals because of Mona.

23.We figure out that anyone can be on the A team or A.

24.We figure out that the 2nd member of the A team is….Toby.

No one believed Me but I know everyone on the A team-E

<3 :)

28th Aug 2012

Tuesday // 5pm // 2 years ago
Two can keep a secret.

Two can keep a secret.