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17th Aug 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

PLL Dolls

okay so im looking online At the episode of PLL ”Over my deAd body” for pictures of AriA in the pink dress (that I have the exAct one btw got it for my 22nd birthdAy!)

And we All remember it correct?

okAy well

I’m seeing those quite scAry dolls (well im scAred of dolls Anyway so their very scary)

okAy so I couldn’t remember which dolls were like the LiArs

so only AriA,HAnnA And Emily got A doll not Spencer

so what Am I thinking here?!?

oh yes some new PLL/A/A teAm theories And thoughts

lets stArt this pArty! of me tAlking About it hAhhAhhAhA!

okAy so heres my thoughts towArds this::

  • Why would only AriA,HAnnA And Emily get dolls?
  • Is it becAuse Spencer might hAve ties to Ali’s life/deAth or A or the A teAm?
  • Well yes imAgine thAt stAtement for A second::
  • We find out lAter thAt Spencer is hAlf Sisters with Ali,And JAson.
  • OkAy meAning just An ideA here: whAt if Spencer hAs A meAn/crAzy/evil side?
  • WhAt if Spencer is the betrAyer?
  • WhAt if Spencer is working with the A teAm?
  • WhAt if Spencer is pArt of the A teAm?
  • WhAt if Spencer is crAzy like her fAmily (oh I went there).

CAuse need we forget the ”unmAsked” episode?


MonA tAkes ……Spencer to A's lAir And Asks her to be pArt of the A teAm

so do we reAlly know if she turned it down or not?

so you see thAt MonA doesn’t tAke Anyone else mAybe its becAuse A/A teAm knows thAt Spencer is the smArtest or the most ideAl person to Ask to be in the A teAm? I’m thinking these thoughts towArds thAt episode::

  • MonA is obviously pArt of the A teAm.
  • She Asked Spencer to be pArt of it.
  • MAybe it wAs becAuse someone in the A teAm,likes her or is close to her meAning fAmily,friend,lover whAtever.
  • Why would they only Ask her And no one else?

my thoughts/guesses

I think Anyone of these people could be on the A teAm or even A who Are close to Spencer

1.MelissA 2.Toby 3.Ali 4.Wren 5.JAson 6.The LiArs 7.Her PArents

I’ll hAve to think more About this,but I think I hAve reAlly good theories And ideAs

DeAr A teAm,

I know who you Are!


16th Aug 2012

Thursday // 12pm // 2 years ago

PLL-“What Lies Beneath” episode

PLL-“What Lies Beneath” episode

The episode starts with Hanna helping her mom move a plant in their house and Hanna finds this note from Maya to Emily saying meet her somewhere so the Liars then are together and Hanna is reading it to them and their are trying to figure out where does it say to meet because on the note it looks washed away and they can’t read it.It was dated the same day Maya died.

The next day/morning Aria is at Ezra’s house making bagels,and Ezra gets up and Aria starts asking questions about Maggie and why he hid that from her for so long and Aria gets mad and Ezra gets mad (i sense a break up).Then he says he wanted to forget his past and told Aria she hid A from him (well A and his situation are very very different).

Then Hanna and Emily are at the coffee shop and looking threw Maya’s website,and then Wren walks in and Emily goes to help a new worker,and Wren talks to Hanna and says stuff leading to asking her out she turns him down and then he leaves.

Aria then at school walks in her mom’s classroom and sees her mom is on a date (yes in the classroom) and walks in and catches her mom making out with the guy who owns the coffee shop when Aria walks in they stop? and Aria meets her mom’s new boyfriend for the first time (awkward).

later on you see Hanna with pictures printed out of Maya’s website and Emily just looks at them and then they put two pictures together and in the background you see a sign that says something Kahn’s and it was kinda cool how the pictures were taken so when you put them together it makes one,ha random thought.

So! Hanna and Emily decide to go to the Kahn’s place but before this Spencer talks to Noel and he said Maya wasnt a random guest there they had a texting relationship,then Spencer tells the girls about that and¬† Hanna tells Emily that Caleb knows all about A……(oh crap uh oh!)

then Emily sees Nate at the coffee shop and he sees Jenna and Noel,and Nate goes up to Jenna and asks why she blew him off for their date and also to try to give her a present,then she gets mad and tells him to leave her alone.

then back at school Aria’s mom talks to her about her other dates she has and Aria is confused thinking shes only dating Zach (the new boyfriend) but Aria’s mom thinks Luke is seeing other women so she has the right to see other men.

Paige then meets Emily at the coffee shop so Emily sees that shes upset over something so they kiss and make plans to watch movies that night……..(the plans changed hahahha)

then Spencer at school sneaks into the boys locker room while Noel is playing football to go threw his locker then she takes his phone and hides and looks threw it thinking she could find something and before he comes in she safely puts it back and then she runs into him and he asks do you need something?

then Emily and Hanna go to the Kahn’s place where when they get in they dont see a camera but its filming them while they go in there to investigate so they go in the house where theres bras and a mess and tons and tons of red solo cups I FILL YOU UP…..sorry (i was singing it to the part too hahaha) then they walk in a room and see theres a secret door that goes into this room,where it looks like a tornado hit it with stuff and windows,so while Hanna sits down she opens up this thing chest/trunk ill call it and finds stuff and finds a bag and Emily says that was Maya’s bag and they look threw it and theres stuff and a card that one of them gave to Ali when they were little for valentines day,then they all of the sudden hear something and the book shelf they moved to go back in that room is infront of the door again the windows lock and shutters close and their stuck in there so somehow they escape and theres a message from A (i missed half this part so im remembering what My Mom told Me hhahaha).Then at the cabin while they try to get out Hanna finds a knife and then accidently stabs herself while trying to get out,and Emily and her get out.Then they get back home and her wound is really bad and Emily says ill take you to the hospital and Hanna tells her she can’t go to the hospital because people want her blood but she doesn’t tell Emily that she just basically knows and we know the reason why,so instead of going to the hospital Emily calls Wren instead,and he comes over and stitches her up then asks what did you have today and she told him and hes like you need food cause you’re injured,so he makes her dinner,and they talk.

so the message from A said:: ”I’m saving you for later”-A

oh scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then during this before this after this idk

Aria and Ezra are at the coffee shop and Zach keeps on looking at her and Ezra basically demands her to go talk to him so she does and talks about her mom and says if you hurt her ill bust you’re scones (hahahahahahhahahaha).

then Spencer gets a email from ”blocked” …….or the A team as im guessing of video footage of the night Maya died and she watches it and then i guess hours go by.

Then Emily is home and finds Nate sitting on her porch and he wanted to apologize how he acted,and so then they talk and cry about Maya and I think go threw the bag (which I think is a horrible thing that she has the bag because it could be evidence and her finger prints are all over it and the knife and Hanna’s finger prints too) (this is probably going to be written in the show ill bet money on it and i guess im psychic hahahha) so back to the show!

Emily and Nate start making out and then Paige sees them while walking down the street and she texts Emily with saying stomach hurts can’t make it then she gets mad and throws the Chinese food in the trash then starts getting angry and then throws the trash cans.

then back to Spencer shes watching the video surveillance and then at 10:04 p.m. Maya arrives and figures out Garret was not the last person to see Maya that night,at 1:14 a.m. Noel and Jenna arrive and start making outside while inside the cabin Maya are in there,then you see a few seconds later Maya standing outside near the car about to leave? when you see someone grabs her but you can’t see them on the camera (figures) then you can see that its ruled out that neither Garret,Noel,or Jenna could have killed Maya because Garrett was arrested at midnight (oh goodness this is getting good!)

then at the end scene::

you see A in a room hanging up black hoodies while listening/watching the news about Spencer’s mom going to speak about Garrett and the trial then A flips the channel to Wheel of Fortune (which I watch almost everynight that’s why its cool too me) and fixes the hoodies.

My Thoughts::

1.Anyone can be A now.

2.”I’m saving you for later”-A

3.Black hoodies and Wheel of Fortune party!

4.I know who the A team is (no really I do)-E

15th Aug 2012

Wednesday // 3pm // 2 years ago

OkAy,so on the internet for some seArches ive done todAy About PLL

theres A bunch of stuff About who will be the ”betAyer” for the summer finAle of the ”betAyal”

so heres their lists and im going to then tAlk About eAch one of them

1.The LiArs: AriA,HAnnA,Spencer,Emily¬† 2.Byron (AriA's dad) 3.Ashley (HAnnA's mom) 4.CAleb 5.Toby 6.EzrA 7.MelissA 8.PAige 9.LucAs 10.Wren 11.JennA 12.GArrett 13.MonA 14.Spencer’s pArents (either one) or Anyone’s PArents

okAy my thoughts::

1.The LiArs:AriA,HAnnA,Spencer,Emily …….i’ve thought this for A very long time:

AriA: hAsn’t been effected by A in her life,then A knowing her secrets nothing else mAking me think if she hAsn’t been effected mAybe 1 person in the A teAm just doesn’t like her and she might be pArt of it.

HAnnA: I really don’t think would be pArt of the A teAm unless she fakes All her emotions And is only emotionAl towArds things so people wouldn’t think she wAs pArt of it.

Spencer: just like HAnnA she might be only emotionAl to hold back something from the other LiArs,And surely Spencer is the smArtest out of the LiArs meAning she could be the smArtest out of the A teAm too.

Emily: I really think possibly could be on the A teAm and just Acts emotionAl but knows everything thAt A plAns,or she just might be A emotionAl person without the A teAm.

2.Byron: he could be the betrAyer I guess mAybe idk you don’t see him much on the show thAt would cAuse me to sAy well heck hes not on the show enough to be A or pArt of the A teAm hAhhAhhA,but wAit thAts A contrAdiction if hes not on the show Alot he could be working behind the scenes! as A!!!!

3.Ashley: could be pArt of it becAuse shes typicAlly AlwAys serious (then the few times she hAs smiled hAhAhA) okAy so meAning she trys And protect HAnnA Alot meAning if she wAs A betrAyer mAybe she only protects her dAughter And possibly AriA too.

4.CAleb……reAlly! (who ever mAde this one im wondering About it now) well i kindA guess he might be pArt of it he did sAy ”I sent the texts i’m A” they wouldn’t hAve mAde A big deAl About it if it wAsnt nothing….All im sAying.he Also knows Alot even if HAnnA didn’t tell him so either someone tells him or he’s just pArt of the A teAm or A victim of A.

5.Toby….yes! i’ve thought this one too! just becAuse hes reAlly creepy,and gets Angry over really everything And Anyone hes very emotionAl.

6.EzrA….yes! i’ve thought this one too! he knows how to keep a secret well he rAndomly knows About everything,And from internet seArches of PLL mAny mAny mAny people Ask the question: why wAs he at Ali’s funerAl? :: probAbly becAuse it was a student of his or of the school but oh no mAny people believe its more thAn thAt (ill never get why people Ask this question) Also he rAndomly hAd money,he lies About his reAl nAme,And Alot of things…..either he lies Alot or hAs to lie becAuse of A.

7.MelissA…..oh the Age ol’ guess of A: (this will never end of me guessing About this one!) now even though she’s not Always Around I DONT CARE she knows so much And hAd All these things connected to A And the A teAm.

8.PAige…..until lAst night’s episode I wouldn’t hAve guesses PAige like reAlly ever,but when she wAs wAlking to Emily’s house And seen Emily mAking out with NAte,she got mAd And texted Emily And sAid,cAn’t mAke it not feeling well,then threw the Chinese food AwAy in the trAsh down the block then got mAd At the trAsh cAns And threw them (whAt did the trAsh cAns ever do to her) cAusing My Mom to sAy yeAh shes Angry she cAn be A…..cAusing Me to believe thAt yes you need A Anger problem,mentAl problem,or be meAn,And horrible to be A or pArt of the A teAm.

9.LucAs…..well yeAh if thAt wAsn’t obvious enough before! okAy cleAry he is pArt of the A teAm,he betAyred Alot of people AlreAdy,then he hAs the pills who drugged Emily thAt night,he cleArly tried to kill HAnnA (mAny times) i’m guessing hes A.

10.Wren….no wAy! mAybe! possibly! no! hes just too nice and cAring or thAt’s just A Act for who he reAlly is becAuse he’s close to All the LiArs And fAmily members And friends then CAleb……intersting he might be?

11.JennA…….the Age ol’ A guess…..this one will never end either JennA is A (fill in with A colorful word) AnywAy blind or not but ever since she cAn see (B cAn see!) to the world,shes gotten more (colorful word) And now with her new look the guys Are All over her mAking me think either they like her,she uses them or is just A slut AhAhhAhAA,okAy thAt wAs meAn but honest,And we All know shes meAn so she could be pArt of the A teAm heck i think shes A.

12.GArrett…..well lAst nights episode cAused me to believe thAt becAuse of the surveillAnce video of the KAhn’s cAbin thAt reAlly I don’t think he killed MAyA mAybe Alison (if thAt keeps the sAme story As the book to show) just becAuse but I do believe he’s cApAble of Anything.

13.MonA……well this is A obvious one,uhm yeAh shes AlreAdy betrAyed,shes crAzy AnywAy she is pArt of the A teAm she even sAid theres more thAn one A i meAn come on this is way too obvious guess hAhhAA.

14.Spencer’s PArents:: Anyone LiArs PArents:: Me And My Mom hAve this philosophy since ever thAt one of the pArents is A,or is the whole A teAm for the most obvious guesses they All protect,they All hurt,they All Are emotionAl,And one wAy or Another they All hAve similArities to their children And eAch other (i hAvent thought of this one hmmmm intersting!)


DeAr A teAm,

I know who you All Are….


06th Aug 2012

Monday // 12pm // 2 years ago

OkAy so I’ve been reAding on here About PLL theories,thoughts,ideAs

And yet here we go with my ideas About it.

Me and My Mom have thought A or the A teAm is one of the pArents or girls since like idk seAson one!

And now seeing About AriA being A is mAking Me believe thAt yes she could be pArt of it or that they don’t bother her And heres why

  • Alison probAbly stArted the A teAm.
  • JAson is in the N.A.T. club meAning he might hAve something to do with the A teAm.
  • JAson obviously liked/likes AriA so meAning if he’s pArt of it she might be sAfe.
  • AriA And Alison were friends and so maybe Alison liked her more than Anyone else.
  • MonA is obviously pArt of the A teAm but doesn’t like AriA.
  • JAson might be pArt of the A teAm Also Spencer like brother,meAning if JAson is pArt of the A teAm And so is MelissA thAt meAns mAybe MelissA killed Alison,but AriA might be in the A teAm too,and JAson likes her still,meAning they might All protect eAch other or not like Alison hence why she might be deAd,but the A teAm bothered Alison meAning it could hAve been MelissA or Anyone.
  • Spencer or JAson or MelissA might All be in the A teAm As A fAmily And they might protect AriA for many reAsons meAning that All the bAd things they might just sAy hAppen but their ActuAlly the ones doing it.
  • AriA might be helping JAson in the A teAm or AriA might be helping MelissA or even Spencer their All smArt they might be doing All these things And Acting like A is ruining their lives but it might be like A inside joke between them!
  • Also MelissA might hAve killed Alison becAuse she hAted her,And thAt Spencer And JAson might hAve protected her mAking it look like someone else did it.
  • MAybe Alison is reAlly Alive And the whole thing wAs fAked And the A teAm is protecting thAt secret,And so Anyone who is in the A teAm or people who Are close to the A teAm or A Are sAfe for life.
  • One of the pArents like idk SPENCER’S! OR ALISON’S! could be pArt of the A teAm And bothering the people or helping them so no one finds out.
  • It could be Spencer’s pArents or HAnnA's Mom their good At keeping secrets hA.
  • EzrA might be pArt of the A teAm Also And protecting AriA.

DeAr A TeAm,

I know you’re secrets I know who you Are show yourselve.