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14th Sep 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12 part 4

goodness 4th!

Red CoAt! okAy so I reAd just this week online About how A third A or A TeAm member is AlwAys weAring A red coAt


So whAt?

Well I AlreAdy know who it is becAuse (I’m pArt of the A TeAm-E) And thAt it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


like reAlly if it’s Another person then the one I think And then the ones people online think….I’ll be shocked.

Heres the people who I And the internet believe could be the next member of the A TeAm::

1.MonA:: (she’s AlreAdy pArt of it AnywAy)

2.AriA:: (hmmmm)

3.ViviAn DArkbloom:: (hmmmm)

4.Alison:: (my pick becAuse yeAh)

5.JennA:: (hmmmm)

And here’s when they All wore the red coAts::

MonA:: SeAson 1 Episode 21: Monsters in the End

AriA:: SeAson 2 Episode 22: FAther Knows Best

ViviAn:: SeAson 2 Episode 25: unmAsked (SeAson FinAle)

Alison:: SeAson 3 Episode 1: It HAppened ThAt Night

JennA:: SeAson 3 Episode 2: Blood Is The New BlAck

hmmmmmmmm interesting.

I know whos All pArt of the A teAm becAuse I Am too-E

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 12pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12 part 3

3rd! of thE dAy! woot!

OkAy so one of my fAvoritE PLL/A/A TEAm things ivE sEEn lAtEly And EvEr is this::






So its prEtty AwesomE I kEEp it in mind now bEcAusE wE know 2 of thE lEttErs And Also Ill bE posting hErE my thoughts too :)

HErEs whAt wE AlrEAdy know::







hErEs my thEoriEs:: for lEttErs A,E,A






PEoplE with nAmEs thAt stArt with:A: Alison,AriA,AshlEy (HAnnA's mom),AnnE SullivAn (doctor).

PeoplE with nAmEs thAt stArt with:E: Emily,EllA MontgomEry,EzrA,ElAinA

So thosE ArE my thEoriEs who it might bE :)

I know All thE mEmEbErs bEcAusE I’m pArt of it too-E

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 11am // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12 part 2

2nd in one dAy (I AlreAdy know ill write more todAy)

Spencer could be pArt of the A teAm becAuse shes dAting Toby and monA AlreAdy Asked her to be pArt of it!!!!

OkAy or she might join it becAuse…..

1.Toby is pArt of it.

2.Shes AlreAdy been Asked to join.

3.Shes got connections to it.

4.Shes got connections to everyone close to the A teAm:: being sisters to JAson And Ali then dAting Toby And being friends with the LiArs.

Spencer I know And you know you’re pArt of it-E

14th Sep 2012

Friday // 10am // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-9/14/12

Well 3rd one this week (I’m doing A lot of PLL thinking lAtely)

So while looking online todAy I reAd things About how AriA cAn be pArt of the A teAm

which mAde Me think (well finAlly someone else guessed this too!) And some of the things I reAd I wouldn’t hAve even thought myself.

So heres some of the things I reAd online mAking Me think thAt she cAn be pArt of the teAm::

1.AriA knows how to keep A secret:: Her fAther’s AffAir,Her dAting EzrA,etc

2.Shes never reAlly been hurt by A like the other girls hAve.

3.She does the ssshh in the stArt of eAch episode and pictures.

4.No one reAlly thAn MonA doesn’t like her And thAt could meAn thAt if AriA is in fAct pArt of the A teAm mAybe AriA is like her boss And thAt’s why she doesn’t like her.

5.AriA might know whos on the A teAm when no one else does thAt’s why mAybe she less hurt by them or shes protected by them.

6.MAybe she knows everything And is pArt of it or not And is hiding it from everyone else.

7.MAybe shes pArt of it And hAs someone telling her whAt to do.

8.MAybe shes friends/fAmily with someone on the teAm.

9.MAybe shes A And controls everything but just hAs workers.

10.YeAh shes A or on the A teAm.

I know whos on the A TeAm becAuse I’m pArt of it too-E

31st Aug 2012

Friday // 1pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the day-8/31/12

Well well,

On TuesdAy it wAs the summer finAle of PLL

nAmed ”The LAdy Killer” or As most of us know it As the betAyAl or As I think of it As the betrAyer.

Things got intersting mAking Me hAve new thoughts About the show We find out thAt Toby is pArt of the A teAm but still I’m still wondering About it

My Thoughts::

1.In the end of the episode you see MonA wAlking bAck into RAdley with someone And she sAys to thAt person::

”she would hAve stAyed in RAdley if she knew NAte wAs going to get GArrett out of jAil.”

And so When I reAd this todAy I thought well wAit A second!

WhAt if NAte/Lyndon didn’t reAlly kill MAyA but it wAs one of the A teAm insteAd who killed her, And mAybe NAte wAs pArt of the A teAm too or A helper or just crAzy or reAlly A stAlker.

And AppArently from the internet:: MAyA's killer is the sAme person As Ali’s killer.

so im wondering About this.

2.Then online I sAw this it wAs letters spelling out ”A teAm” with peoples nAmes






So this bAsicAlly meAns becAuse im reAlizing now the more thAn one hoodies thAt theres 5 members of the A teAm And this is explAins it And I guess thAt

1st A: (might be Alison)


2nd A: AriA,Ashley (HAnnA's mom)

these Are my guesses.

Well now the wAit for Almost 2 months till the HAlloween speciAl woot!

I’ve known All Along who everyone was-E

21st Aug 2012

Tuesday // 12pm // 2 years ago

A Theories of the Day-8/21/12

A Theories of the DAy-8/21/12


well not reAlly i’ve been writing these for a while well yeah since the show hAppened.

but these mAke them more fun!


Alright lets stArt!

todAy I wAs looking online About PLL things (it is TuesdAy And my brAin is only focused on PLL)

And I found A few new thoughts to reAlly think About,

1.”Pretty Eyes And LeAving”

2.”Buried or DeAd”.

3.”JeAlously And FAking”


okAy so whAt do All these words meAn?


1.”Pretty Eyes And LeAving”

Pretty Eyes::OkAy so remember when A wAs in the diner And the wAitress sAid either ”Nice to see you pretty eyes” or ”how Are you doing pretty eyes” (i cAn’t remember) well from things online todAy::I’m wondering About this becAuse if you think About it:: EVERYONE ON THE SHOW HAS PRETTY EYES!!!! so I AlwAys thought it wAs JennA but now no I think becAuse the wAitress sAid it too A thAt A could be Anyone.

LeAving:: Someone AlwAys leAves when A is closer,like right now Toby And JAson Are gone no mAtter whAt when were going to find out something big someone leAves then comes bAck when All the crAzyness stArts or hAppens.


2.”Buried or DeAd”

Buried:: Remember when the LiArs doctor wAs ”deAd” And they hAd to dig her up to sAve her And when they did All they found wAs A mAsk And the police sAw them And they were Arrested….well might thought right now is this hAppened more thAn once! Another time wAs when the dAnce hAppened And MonA took Spencer to A's lAir,well thAt dAnce they wore mAsks,And when they dug up where the doctor wAs there wAs only A mAsk,And then now Emily wAs found At Ali’s dug up grAve they All were frAmed into digging up something And mAsks.

DeAd:: into more of Another Answer towArds the first pArAgrAph so mAny times on the show people Are Alive then deAd or fAking it,so first there wAs their doctor then now its mAking Me think is Ali,MAyA,IAn Alive or deAd now think About it, the doctor wAsn’t deAd, Ali’s grAve wAs dug up,MAyA might hAve been tAken And not killed,And IAn (I still till this dAy don’t believe he’s deAd) becAuse look At the big picture All these grAves could hAve been fAked just like it’s hAppened before.


3.”JeAlousy And FAking”

JeAlousy:: I think PAige might hAve been pArt of MAyA dying And or pArt of the A teAm becAuse : Emily wAs dAting MAyA And PAige didn’t like thAt so she might hAve killed MAyA or wAs meAn to MAyA becAuse she wAnted to be with Emily And not Allow Emily to be with Anyone else.

FAking:: okAy this one just cAme to Me todAy (i’m suprised I didn’t think of it sooner): so lets go bAck in time when MelissA wAs with Wren but Wren And Spencer kissed then Spencer kissed IAn, okay I think Wren has something to do then be a doctor he probAbly only dAted MelissA to get closer to Spencer And fAked loving MelissA just to get close to Spencer to dAte her so they could breAk up with him to dAte Toby to then now i’m thinking Wren could have been pArt of IAn dying out of pure jeAlously thAt MelissA hAd him And Wren wAnted to be with MelissA.I’m guessing thAt MelissA And Spencer dAte the sAme guys only hAhAhA.Then MelissA dAted GArrett becAuse she might be pArt of the A teAm And knew that Spencer And GArrett don’t get Along.Think About All thAt.



FrAmed:: The LiArs hAve been frAmed mAny times And obviously most of the time is becAuse of A or the A teAm but i’m trying to figure out why And whAt did the LiArs do to be treAted thAt bAd from people I’m wondering if one of them Are pArt of the A teAm or its one of their friends or fAmilies doing All this And cAusing them to be frAmed or etc.


DeAr A teAm,

I Know who you Are-E

<3 :)

21st Aug 2012

Tuesday // 10am // 2 years ago

A theories of the DAy-

A theories of the DAy-

I’m going to stArt writing my ‘'A theories of the dAy” whenever I get a new one

they will be theories,thoughts,ideAs,etc

follow for All the fun of these posts-E

<3 :)

06th Aug 2012

Monday // 12pm // 2 years ago

OkAy so I’ve been reAding on here About PLL theories,thoughts,ideAs

And yet here we go with my ideas About it.

Me and My Mom have thought A or the A teAm is one of the pArents or girls since like idk seAson one!

And now seeing About AriA being A is mAking Me believe thAt yes she could be pArt of it or that they don’t bother her And heres why

  • Alison probAbly stArted the A teAm.
  • JAson is in the N.A.T. club meAning he might hAve something to do with the A teAm.
  • JAson obviously liked/likes AriA so meAning if he’s pArt of it she might be sAfe.
  • AriA And Alison were friends and so maybe Alison liked her more than Anyone else.
  • MonA is obviously pArt of the A teAm but doesn’t like AriA.
  • JAson might be pArt of the A teAm Also Spencer like brother,meAning if JAson is pArt of the A teAm And so is MelissA thAt meAns mAybe MelissA killed Alison,but AriA might be in the A teAm too,and JAson likes her still,meAning they might All protect eAch other or not like Alison hence why she might be deAd,but the A teAm bothered Alison meAning it could hAve been MelissA or Anyone.
  • Spencer or JAson or MelissA might All be in the A teAm As A fAmily And they might protect AriA for many reAsons meAning that All the bAd things they might just sAy hAppen but their ActuAlly the ones doing it.
  • AriA might be helping JAson in the A teAm or AriA might be helping MelissA or even Spencer their All smArt they might be doing All these things And Acting like A is ruining their lives but it might be like A inside joke between them!
  • Also MelissA might hAve killed Alison becAuse she hAted her,And thAt Spencer And JAson might hAve protected her mAking it look like someone else did it.
  • MAybe Alison is reAlly Alive And the whole thing wAs fAked And the A teAm is protecting thAt secret,And so Anyone who is in the A teAm or people who Are close to the A teAm or A Are sAfe for life.
  • One of the pArents like idk SPENCER’S! OR ALISON’S! could be pArt of the A teAm And bothering the people or helping them so no one finds out.
  • It could be Spencer’s pArents or HAnnA's Mom their good At keeping secrets hA.
  • EzrA might be pArt of the A teAm Also And protecting AriA.

DeAr A TeAm,

I know you’re secrets I know who you Are show yourselve.


19th Mar 2012

Monday // 3pm // 2 years ago

A Theories for A Day:

Okay so these (A Theories for A Day) will kinda be insane and I guess ill try and explain (that rhymed) but these are the theories from Myself and My Mom because we talk about it A lot….. A lot to the point that we really think we have figured out the show and when everything happens on the show we will be able to say ”Knew It” lol… we have many many times.

so without giving everything away on the A Theories I guess maybe it could be easy to write the people that could or could not be A.

here’s the people we think could be A:





but from now doing some research I have more guesses:

5.Ali’s Twin.

6.Any of the pArents.




10.One of the girls.

yeah actually the people 1-4 I’m postive that one of them could be A.but are somewhat kinda wild guesses I guess lol.but I still think they have something to do with it.

I guess ill have to explain each theory now.ill try and make it short seeing as theres 10 of them lol.

MelissA: if this isnt the most obvious A theory on the guesses lol:Its kinda going to be a shocker if she isnt A thats all im saying because: Why in the video would she be so upset in Ali’s room if she didnt find out that IAn was cheating on her with Ali,also how she talked about Ali after she died and then to find out she was harassing Ali and threatening her and etc,and how MelissA acts around everyone then IAn or GArret or anyone idk IN THE FREAKIN VIDEOS (lol) I don’t think she killed Ali maybe she did maybe she didn’t but for her not to be A from when Spencer,MonA,Emily,CAleb all played MelissA to see if they would get a A text if MelissA saw MonA and CAleb making out because who would care enough to have to send a text if they saw that you know,and the things MelissA says and does could make anyone think that she could be A.

JennA:Ive always said she could be A like ive always had a very uneasy feeling about Jenna because kinda she creeps me out she acts alot and and now pretending to still be blind,oh creepy! and sad because its like shes playing everyone for everyone to feel sorry for her so what if someone finds out shes actually not blind anymore hmmmm then what,then she dating Toby (ive always thought is effed up lol) then then then im not really sure but was Ali and JennA friends (the internet makes me think they kinda were) but Ali was the reason JennA went blind so I could figure that JennA got mad and killed her and is A but if shes blind she has a A-Helper. and could obviously have someone texting for her,because she was so mad and plus why on earth was she in the videos it makes me think that anyone in that video is A and Ali’s killer.

GArret: I think is only a cop to cover himself of being A or Ali’s killer,because I kinda think hes a mean person and only dating MelissA to 1.get back at Spencer. protect himself protect MelissA or JennA keep the videos and the N.A.T. club protected.

Toby:which this guess just happened in the past few days that if JennA is A he’s her helper like I said above,because obviously JennA is blind and him I don’t trust he probably only dated Spencer to see what he could get out of her about Ali for JennA or about herself or friends or family because JennA is A or so I think.

so how Me and My Mom think these people are A is because their all probably working and protecting together and one of them is A and the other 3 are helpers.

take a minute and think of that.


then the other guess people theories


Ali’s Twin: (uh im not sure if they will bring her up in the show or not but im still writing about this): so ever since I found out that Ali has or had a twin ive had this idea in my head.that if Ali’s twin was in a mental institution its safe to say that either Ali or the twin died,that one could still be alive,one could be A….or Ali and Ali might be the one who was actually in the hospital after one of them died,and or is acting to be dead but is actually in the hospital and being A….but this makes you think if they either or could be A how would they see the things happening and maybe the mental twin killed the other twin and Ali is still alive in the hospital.but has helpers and maybe the whole death was one of them but Ali is still alive.and tormenting well now everyone,like she use to do when she was alive.

Any of the pArents:because yes this is true: heres some points of why it could be a parent.

AriA's PArents:Do everything to protect AriA no matter what even to the point of getting EzrA in trouble because of dating her,also try and talk to AriA and knowing that AriA knows alot about everyone in the family and secrets that could hurt her family.

Emily’s PArents:you don’t see them enough to actually say they are forget them lol.

Hanna’s PArent’s: or one the most crazy families on the show,HAnnA's Mom stole money and hid it for a while and is always somewhat emotional so it still could be a sign to A.

Spencer’s PArents: the family that I point all fingers to for being A.because their all crazy in that family lol.her dad got a person to follow Ali among being JAson’s father too which basically makes Ali,JAson,and Spencer family (uh oh lol) which makes him in fault because he may have not liked Ali and knew Ali was kinda mean to Spencer so he killed Ali to protect his own daughter and now is A to be mean to everyone because he is a mean horrible person (i think i got something here) or he killed her and someone else knows and is mad at him for doing so and that person is A to drive his family crazy……like MelissA though MelissA hated Ali too.but he and MelissA could be Ali’s killer and A. (think about it).and why would they want someone to follow Ali to protect her because it was Spencer’s Mom who thought of it and probably knew that MelissA or her husband could be or do mean things like kill Ali (i think ive got it now).


MonA:could be A because she always wanted to be like Ali popular and people like her because MonA wasn’t cool till she got her makeover.and that you can’t really trust MonA because shes kinda crazy.

EzrA: though I really don’t think this too much he could be A or Ali’s killer and AriA’s parents wanted him to stay away from their daughter for the obvious reason and or they know hes up to no good because EzrA and her parents know what really happened.

JAson:probably didnt like his own sister or the other twin and may know who killed her and wanted it to happen.


One of the girls: (which ive always thought this lol)

so what could make them be A

  • they all had to deal with Ali:being mean,hurtful,rude,sometimes nice,but very smart.
  • they all have different sides to themselves that could be very emotional.
  • they all kinda followed Ali.
  • they all kinda had a love/hate relationship with Ali.

and they all know how to keep secrets

so who would ever guess that Ali’s killer could be one of her friends no one thats why they could be Ali’s killer and one of them unless they all killed her knows and feels like that Ali shouldn’t have died so is now A and is been A from the start because they dont like anyone,and or A is helping one of the girls and one of the girls is playing along and acting like their scared of A but really it could just be nothing to them.

yup i went there people i went there. lol.


well this has been a very interesting blog post so now im going to have to wait for the season finale and then write TOLD YOU SO.



<3 :)

19th Mar 2012

Monday // 8am // 2 years ago

So I said….

I wouldn’t post either Mine any of my A theories online till the season finale or for a while but

since this morning at 6 am Me and My Mom have been talking about PLL and now because reading on here peoples theories,im thinking about posting a few of mine,

because their so good and if one out the handful of people who I think could be A turns out to be A ill feel very awesome but I know darn well one of the handful people is A.

ill prove that fact possibly if I post my theories.


because they are so good I could write the show lol.